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Our Services

Security Systems Services

Nocturnus provides the highest quality security and surveillance systems. Our longevity in the security industry allows us to procure the best technology for less. All of our systems are fully tested and recommended by us, as we always aim to maintain our reputation for keeping your home, business or premises completely secure. Just some of the security systems we provide include:

Commercial intruder alarm systems

Our sensitive commercial intruder alarm systems are easy to manage yet impossible to fool. They can be set to alert you or a designated duty holder through a variety of methods, including a smart phone. They can also be wired to alert the local police ensuring you have someone at your site within minutes of an intruder entering.

CCTV Systems Installation and Monitoring

CCTV is now much more advanced than the grainy almost indistinguishable images we used to know. We provide the very best in CCTV technology for less. Whether you need one camera and screen or a hundred, we adapt our services and products to suit your request.

Access Control

Our access control systems are the intelligent way to keep unauthorised personal out of areas that are sensitive. You can choose from a variety of options, along with locations to keep your rooms or whole office block private.

Gate Automation

Our gate automation systems offer you a wide range of secure options for keeping your gates secure while allowing welcome visitors to your door. From speaker and phone devices to cameras, you can find out who wants to gain access before you open the gates. There are also convenient options for when you want to arrive or leave.

Emergency Lighting

Our emergency lighting systems are ideal for those that may experience power cuts while being the ultimate deterrent for intruders. Often those who want to stay under the radar will switch off the power in a bid to remain unseen. Our emergency lighting systems put a stop to that quickly.

Mobile Security Patrols

Our mobile security patrols keep a wide area completely secure as we blend the best technology with our highly skilled security personnel. Regular patrols ensure that no intruders get past our security guards while records are kept to keep you in the loop.

Sale/Rental Patrol Boat

For installations/activities in the coastal areas or surrounded by water, we have for sale and for rental a patrol boat. This allows you to keep your business completely secure and under surveillance from areas previously inaccessible.

Sale/Rental Bullion Van

We have for sale or for rental a bullion van that offers the ultimate protection for your assets in transit. Contact us to find out more. To discuss your security and surveillance system needs please contact us and we’ll help you satisfy your requirements.

Guard Services

We offer a complete range of guard services for you, your home or your business, giving you the peace of mind that you have the best in security constantly looking out for what you hold dear.

Our staff has all been trained to the highest level while sharing our ethos of excellence. We will always go above and beyond to provide the very best protection, as we believe that’s the least you deserve when choosing Nocturnus.

We bring you a range of specialist security services that can be adapted to be bespoke to you or your business. Simply choose the service you require then call us to find out more.

Static Guarding

Our highly alert security guards are ideal for protecting your property, be it a shop, a warehouse or office block, nightclubs, shopping malls and events and other social gathering. No matter what time of night or day, our guards will make regular rounds while recording any suspicious activity and ensuring security systems stay operational.

If faced with an unpleasant situation, our guards are trained to prevent damage or entry, working to protocols and with the local police they know just how to mollify any disturbance.

Mobile Guarding

Our guards have all been vetted extensively to ensure you receive a mobile guard that has a clean driving licence along with excellent security skills. Working to your specifications, our mobile guards cover large patrol areas easily, staying alert while keeping excellent records.

V.I.P Protection

Our security staff offers the ultimate in VIP protection, being your eyes and ears, while keeping you safe from harm. They allow you to carry on your daily business without the worry of danger, as you feel confident knowing they have your back.

Fully trained in all areas of combat along with having years of experience in the bodyguard industry, our dedicated staff provides the highest level of safety and security for you.

Mobile Patrols Security

Our mobile patrols staff keep your large area safe and secure as they are adept at monitoring on a large scale. Keeping excellent records they are also highly trained to prevent any disturbance or intrusion should an unsavoury incident occur.

Emergency Cover

As all of our security staff are fully trained and experienced they can offer cover at the shortest notice for your property or business. It takes only minutes to brief them on your own protocols, before they are deployed to keep your premises secure.

We work hand in hand with the police, civil defence and the SSS 24/7, so be rest assured that your safety and security will never be compromised.

CCTV Monitoring and Surveillance

We provide and install CCTV in all our coverage areas/bits and our guards are all fully trained in the technology behind CCTV. They keep your systems in full working order while managing multiple screens for disturbances. Along with regular patrols, they keep excellent records and are adept at dealing with any situation should an intrusion be spotted on the CCTV. This double layer of protection is popular with those who have many offices or premises to secure at once.

We also sell the highest quality surveillance and CCTV equipment and can adapt packages to suit your business. Please contact us to learn more.

Sales and Procurement of Security Equipment and Gadgets

Our reputation and connections in the security industry allow us to procure the best security equipment and gadgets. We always have access to the latest technology that’s developed to keep your business and property completely secure. Contact us to find out more.

Contract Security Services

We offer a range of contract security services allowing you to benefit from the expertise of our security staff for a set amount of time. We can provide security guards and officers for any location and premises, ensuring you relax knowing your property couldn’t be more secure.

Our security personnel are exposed to full training in how to keep people safe in the event of emergency, adding another layer of protection to your security.

Residential Security

Our guards are fully trained in how to keep your residence safe, be it a single house or a whole estate.

School Security

Fully CRB checked, our security guards keep your school under complete surveillance while discouraging any acts of vandalism or entry from unwanted individuals. Working throughout the day to keep pupils safe, our security guards are also expert watchmen who keep the whole school safe.

Airport Security

Fully trained in all aspects of airport security along with the dangers that could arise at such a location, our security guards are ideal for keeping UK airports completely safe. Highly alert with excellent surveillance skills our security staff often spot potential hazards before anyone else and know exactly how to act in dangerous or delicate situations.

Hospital Security

Our security guards are popular with hospitals as they not only keep patients free from outside harm but add an extra layer of protection for hospital staff too. Fully trained to deal with dangerous circumstances and hostile patients, our security guards follow all protocols while discouraging unwanted abusive behaviour. We also offer surveillance for the whole hospital, ensuring pharmacies and wards are impenetrable.

Mall and Shops

We offer complete security throughout the day or night. With excellent observational skills our security staff can spot shoplifters while diffusing any difficult situations. When shops are closed, our staff offers the ultimate protection for the stores and the stock within, deterring any thieves while constantly monitoring to nip any potential intruders in the bud.

Bank Security

Handpicked for their integrity and surveillance skills our security team offer the best protection for banks. Keeping vaults secure during the night while ensuring the safety of bank staff should an unfortunate situation arise.

Hotel Security

Nocturnus security offers an extra level of protection for hotels, the residents and the staff. Deterring any unwanted characters on site we also keep hotels secure while everyone sleeps. This not only protects your hotel business but raises your reputation as guests feel confident they are staying in a safe and secure hotel. Construction Site Security

Nocturnus keep your site secure even when it has no windows or doors. No matter what stage the site is at, our security personnel ensure it receives no unwanted visitors or vandalism.

Bars and Night Club Security

Nocturnus offers you highly skilled security staff for your bar or nightclub. It takes special training along with a commitment to excellence to provide all the services required of a security guard in a bar or club. Our guards are adept at diffusing situations while being fully trained in all aspects of self-defence. Keeping your paying patrons safe.

Event-Cover Guards

We provide the best security staff for specific one off events, ensuring you feel confident that your event is kept completely secure so the day goes without a hitch. From using excellent surveillance skills overnight, to keep the location free from harm to ensuring on the day you don’t receive any unwanted guests.

Asset Protection and Transportation

Reliable, honest and experienced, Nocturnus keeps your assets safe while transporting them from A to B. We have invested in the best protective equipment to ensure we can protect your assets on the move. Be it marine escort in and across the Niger Delta, or land transport, we have the resources to deliver timely and secure.

If you have any questions at all or would like to chat about your security needs, please give us a call.

Training and Consultancy Services

We’ve been in the security industry for years, and have a reputation we’re proud to promote. As we train many of our staff to the highest standard our training and consultancy is in high demand. Now we offer these services to those looking for a career in security or to companies who need to advance the training of their staff. From self-defence to risk assessment, all of our training and consultancy ensures you and your staff meet standards of excellence.

Conflict Management

There are many businesses where conflict management is needed. Having designated personnel to deal with situations as they arise benefits any business. We can deliver consultancy on conflict management in the workplace or the public eye arming you with the tools you need to manage conflict efficiently. We also train individuals and teams in conflict management, giving them essential skills that can be used on a CV while making them a great asset for any company.

Self Defence

Many employees would like to learn self-defence to help them in the workplace should conflict arise. We offer consultancy that gives you the advice you need to adopt self-defence in the work place effectively and cost efficiently. We also deliver one on one or group training for self-defence, giving real skills to your employees allowing them to feel confident in any situation.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a crucial part of any business as it has the potential to save a lot of money while avoiding hefty fines from the HSE. Understanding risk enhances your whole business model and puts you firmly in the driving seat. We can carry out risk assessments, both in conflict and health and safety, delivering you a detailed report of areas that could be improved to prevent unfortunate circumstances. We also train duty holders and management in risk assessment so your company always has someone on board to identify risks as they appear while keeping strict records that comply with current legislation.

Security and Safety

We offer holistic security and safety consultancy, allowing you to benefit from our insider knowledge in the security industry. We understand that you are a business and while you want to keep your premises secure and your staff safe you still need to keep an eye on your overheads. This is where our consultancy helps. We identify the key areas where your business would benefit from security while delivering options based on your budgets keeping your costs low. Our knowledge allows us to recommend the best, bespoke solutions that offer the ultimate safety and security without breaking the bank.

We also train staff and individuals in all aspects of safety and security allowing you to benefit from someone on the payroll who has the same skills as one of our highly trained security staff.

If you’d like to learn more about our training and consultancy or would like to book a free no obligation call, please contact us.