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Training & Consultancy Services

We’ve been in the security industry for years, and have a reputation we’re proud to promote. As we train many of our staff to the highest standard our training and consultancy is in high demand. Now we offer these services to those looking for a career in security or to companies who need to advance the training of their staff. From self-defence to risk assessment, all of our training and consultancy ensures you and your staff meet standards of excellence.

Conflict Management

There are many businesses where conflict management is needed. Having designated personnel to deal with situations as they arise benefits any business. We can deliver consultancy on conflict management in the workplace or the public eye arming you with the tools you need to manage conflict efficiently. We also train individuals and teams in conflict management, giving them essential skills that can be used on a CV while making them a great asset for any company.

Self Defence

Many employees would like to learn self-defence to help them in the workplace should conflict arise. We offer consultancy that gives you the advice you need to adopt self-defence in the work place effectively and cost efficiently. We also deliver one on one or group training for self-defence, giving real skills to your employees allowing them to feel confident in any situation.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a crucial part of any business as it has the potential to save a lot of money while avoiding hefty fines from the HSE. Understanding risk enhances your whole business model and puts you firmly in the driving seat. We can carry out risk assessments, both in conflict and health and safety, delivering you a detailed report of areas that could be improved to prevent unfortunate circumstances. We also train duty holders and management in risk assessment so your company always has someone on board to identify risks as they appear while keeping strict records that comply with current legislation.

Security and Safety

We offer holistic security and safety consultancy, allowing you to benefit from our insider knowledge in the security industry. We understand that you are a business and while you want to keep your premises secure and your staff safe you still need to keep an eye on your overheads. This is where our consultancy helps. We identify the key areas where your business would benefit from security while delivering options based on your budgets keeping your costs low. Our knowledge allows us to recommend the best, bespoke solutions that offer the ultimate safety and security without breaking the bank.

We also train staff and individuals in all aspects of safety and security allowing you to benefit from someone on the payroll who has the same skills as one of our highly trained security staff.

If you’d like to learn more about our training and consultancy or would like to book a free no obligation call, please contact us.